E-Commerce Website

inCart E-Commerce website is a tool to help you create an online store in a beautiful way and clearly convey your brand. Through creating your identity online to be able to sell products 24 hours a day, even if you're not in the store or answering inbox on the page, with an online store management system that supports product management, orders, promotions, customer management, shipping and payment system. You can be the owner of an e-commerce website that provides a complete online sales system at an affordable price compared to the sales you can create when selling online

Showcase your products in style

Display your products according to your own brand identity. Add stunning photos and inform your customers with product descriptions to drive sales. Selling more than one variation? No problem! Whether you’re selling a product in different sizes, colors, or models, feel free to adjust them with the variation tool.
product stock management

Manage orders with ease

Ensure maximum efficiency with our order management platform. Simply set customer order status to keep inform customers and also keep track of your operations. Whether the order is under processing, packing, or shipped out. You and most importantly, your customers know exactly what is going on. Assign your admins to specific cases for you to monitor. You can also print out shipping waybills in a click of a button. This gives you complete control on a simple and user-friendly platform.
order management

Engage sales with promotions

Looking to start a campaign? We provide tools for you to create coupon codes or create mass website wide discounts. You can even set advanced conditions such as promotion periods, discount conditions (percentage or fixed), minimum purchases, limitations per customer, or allocate which products will be in this campaign
promotion management

Flexibility in customizing shipping and payment methods

Whether you’re shipping locally or over international waters, our tool provides flexibility to add or remove shipping channels. Set shipping conditions such as fixed pricing or based on the amount of products and provide convenience to customers by adding in tracking URLs.
payment management

Know exactly who are in business with you

Keep track of your customers and segment them into demographics. Whether they were funnelled in from Social Network, organically, or other channels, you’ll be able to know. Want to reward a loyal customer? Simply tag them as a VIP and re-engage them any way you want. If you want re-market back, all the essential data is there for you to take action.
backend management

Fully e-Commerce website and easy to use on mobile

In addition to the backyard system for inCart online sales, as we have already explained, The home page on your own website is also notable as leading stores as well. With the inCart Web Editor website management system, your store page looks as beautiful as your brand is and comes with a Product Listing page, Product Detail page, Cart page Page) and payment pages (Checkout Page) that will allow your customers to buy products smoothly. Moreover, with the inCart online store system, your customers can still log in. To see the status of your own orders and items that have previously been ordered Even if your customers can use it via mobile phone, it's no problem. Beautiful and looking good the way you want it to be

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Manage your online business with ease and build a website which represents your brand and increase sales!