Social Commerce features with chat and order management

Building your brand can take effort through different channels, which require completely different ways to interact with customers and close a sale. Whether you’re selling through Facebook, Instagram, or Line, you can utilize the features of each platform and consolidate everything mentioned into one dashboard.

Chat through inCart

Interact with customers on your Facebook page through Facebook Messenger or through your Line Official Account. Create orders, update, or check order status for real time information. You can also simply set and save responses for frequently asked questions.
chat social commerce

Facebook Messenger auto-replies

Our auto-reply feature on Facebook Messenger enables you to save time and increase your efficiency by automatically sending order, payment, and shipping details to your customers. Once you input in the customer’s shipping address, an auto message will be generated with a link to track their order. These auto-reply messages are also customizable!
facebook chat

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Manage your online business with ease and build a website which represents your brand and increase sales!